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While everyone says Q+As are the laziest videos for YouTubers to film — and they’re not wrong — they’re always some of my favorite videos to watch. I don’t know why, but sometimes it’s nice to just sit and watch them talk, answering any interesting questions that viewers have for them. You get to learn more about the people you watch online, and it’s also just chill and laid-back, which I like.

Yesterday I asked on my Instagram story for you to ask me questions, and I was happily surprised when the questions started rolling in. I was half expecting to only end up with one or two questions, but you guys really came through! Good thing, or else I wouldn’t have had anything to film, lol. So today’s video is me answering a few random questions… I hope you enjoy! x

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I hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to let me know what you would name yourself if you got to choose! x

The Weekend Edit | September 15

Happy Saturday! How was your week? My sister was in town for a few days, so I finally had a visitor after being here for a few months. It was so nice to show someone around my city… It almost felt like I was on vacation, too! Do you have any exciting weekend plans? I’d love to hear what you have lined up for the next few days.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy today’s edition of The Weekend Edit! As usual, we have the best links that I’ve found all across the Internet this week: what’s currently trending on the blog, a few of my online shopping finds, and some interesting reads. Grab a cup of coffee and get clicking 🙂

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/ N O W  T R E N D I N G /

01. September 2018 Playlist
02. Day in the Life Living in Los Angeles


/ S H O P /

01. I am in love with this black dress! I love the cut and think it would be perfect for fall here in LA, dressed up or down.
This hoodie is not a want — it’s a need! I love it too much. Tommy Hilfiger is one of the brands that just never disappoints.
03. I think this is another perfect dress for fall. I loved the ribbed fabric and little tie around the waist.

/ R E A D /

01. Un-Glamorous Flight Essentials | Into the Gloss
 How to Be Happy | The Cut
How to Grow Your Hair Out Faster | Well+Good
The Best Anti-Stress Drink | Into the Gloss
05. The Entire Internet is Obsessed With This Chlorophyll Mask | The Strategist

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September 2018 Playlist

It’s the beginning of a new month — you know what that means! It’s time for another monthly playlist. I love making these videos, because music is such a huge part of my life. I spend so much time each week finding new music, and I love sharing what I find with others.

I also want to mention how sad I am about Mac Miller’s passing last week. It’s such a tragic situation, and while I’m always deeply saddened by celebrity deaths, this one feel so different. I think we can all agree that it feels like we lost a close friend. There were times where his music was all I listened to; if I made these monthly playlist videos back when I was in high school, I can guarantee there would be months where the whole thing would be solely his music.

Also, before you even watch the video: I wanted to make it clear that I filmed, edited, and uploaded this video before the news broke last week. I was referring to the Nike / Colin Kaepernick ad when I made the comment about Mac’s song, and I don’t want my comments to be taken as me making a weird or light-hearted joke about his passing — it was a cheeky way of me showing support for Nike and CK. If the timing panned out any other way, I would have had very different comments to make.

I hope you enjoy the video, and if you’d like to share your current favorite songs, I would love to read your recommendations in the comments! Thanks so much for reaching/watching — as always, I really appreciate it. x

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Here is a link to this playlist, and here is the link to my Spotify where you can find more of my favorite music.


I hope you enjoyed! Let me know what you have been listening to lately, along with if you found any new favorites from my playlist! Thank you so much for watching x

Day in the Life Living in Los Angeles

I’ve been wanting to film a little day in the life style vlog for awhile now, and I’ve tried quite a few times before. I always end up forgetting to pull my camera out though, so at the end of the day I only have a few minutes of footage. Over the weekend I finally (!) was able to vlog for an entire day, and I’m so excited about it, lol.

Although this day was nothing special — I didn’t do anything exciting nor was it even my typical day — I still think it was fun to follow along and see how I spent a lazy Sunday. I really hope you enjoy! Please let me know if you would like to see more vlogs… I’m wondering if you’d be interested in seeing weekly ones? I think that might be a good option and fun for me to film. Let me know!

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The Influencer Guide to New York Fashion Week

Ah, New York Fashion Week — my second favorite time of year in New York City. (First is the holiday season, of course). There is an undeniable palpable energy in the air during fashion week; it’s something hard to describe unless you experience it for yourself. Everyone is whisking around the city from event to event, runway show to runway show, and showroom to showroom. The energy is high, there’s a buzz in the air, and even if you have no attachment to the fashion industry, you can still feel the excitement all the way from across the bridges and tunnels.

Today kicks off the first day of NYFW S/S ’19, and I’m definitely a bit sad I’m missing out. When I first moved to NYC in 2011, I started working at NYFW, and I pretty much never missed a season. I wasn’t on the glamorous side of things — I would run around bringing models water, set up the catwalk, get the chairs in place according to seating charts, fill goodie bags for front row guests, and usher guests to their seats. Although I said it wasn’t glamorous, I did somehow end up sitting front row at a show I was working at once; that’s a story for another day.

One of the more exciting parts of fashion week for me was seeing all of the designer-clad bloggers and influencers around the city. They would jet in from all across the world to attend these shows I was working at, which was such a cool experience for me (especially when I first started and was new to the scene). It’s funny that now I get to work with bloggers and influencers every week, but back then I was starstruck and saw them as A-list celebrities.

Each season I would see which bloggers were lucky enough to receive the invites to shows and events, and I began to find it very easy to pick up on who was a rookie and who was a seasoned veteran by watching how they tackled the week. Scrambling to find an outlet before a show to charge their phone so they can post it to their insta story? Rookie. Committed to events and shows that were too close together and frantically rushing to find an Uber or taxi? Rookie. Hobbling in their heels with no comfier options on hand? Rookie.

So, to celebrate the start of this NYFW, I thought it might be a good idea to share the tips and tricks that I picked up on over the years, for any of you bloggers or influencers attending. Without further ado, here is the influencer guide to New York Fashion Week…

/ S T Y L E /

  1. the bag / You absolutely need a big bag that will be able to stash all of your essentials in. Trust me, there are going to be a lot of things you’ll want to carry and keep on hand. Keep it chic — don’t choose something too baggy or messy-looking.
  2. the wallet / Your wallet should be something that can hold some cash, all of the business cards you’ll acquire throughout the week, tickets to shows, etc., but not one that is too big or takes up too much real estate in your purse.
  3. flats / Bring a pair of flats that can fit inside your bag. You’ll most likely find this to be your saving grace while you are dashing around the city from one show or event to the next. Trust me, without these you will end up with countless blisters.
  4. sunglasses / I lived in sunglasses before, after, and in-between shows… They will hide any and all evidence of sleep deprivation.
  5. extra jewelry / It’s a good idea to keep a little extra jewelry hidden away in your bag. It can be a pair of earrings to swap in, a sparkly bracelet — anything that will help switch up your look or instantly elevate your outfit. You never know when you may step into a situation that requires a little somethin’, somethin’ during fashion week!

/ B E A U T Y /

  1. hand sanitizer / I don’t think I need to provide an explanation for this.
  2. oil blotting sheets / As much as we all are hoping for cool, fall-like temps in New York City this time of year, it always ends up being a sweaty mess. You’re rushing around the city, it’s hot and muggy outside, there are bright lights and crowded seats during the shows — there’s really no relief! These will help.
  3. long-wear lip products / Apply these in the morning and you can forget about them the rest of the day, instead of having to touch-up your look every hour.

/ O D D S  +  E ND S /

  1. metrocard / believe me when I say this — the subway is almost always faster than an Uber or taxi. I repeat: The subway is almost always faster than an Uber or taxi. People from out-of-town always seem to forget this! Subways don’t deal with the stop-and-go traffic of the streets, they are merciless with shutting the doors to stay on schedule, the list goes on and on. If I’m ever in a rush or need to be somewhere quick, I always take the subway.
  2. portable charger / I wouldn’t dare try and make it through the day during fashion week without any extra charger. Between phone calls, getting directions and addresses to shows, and taking countless photos and videos, the last thing you want is to be left with a dead battery!
  3. healthy snacks / It’s always a good idea to keep a few healthy snacks on hand. Trail mix, a healthy bar, or a banana are all some of my favorite options. Hungry, tired, hot, and overwhelmed is the worst combination, but when you have a packed schedule it’s hard to fit in your regularly scheduled (healthy!) meals. These will help a bit!
  4. ibuprofen / Between the lack of sleep, stress, and loud music at the shows and events, you can sometimes end up with a headache at the worst times.
  5. coffee / Stop and get a fresh cup every chance you get. Seriously. Also: content, hello!

From a content-standpoint, I would definitely recommend keeping your audiences updated all day long. If they’ve already seen the ins-and-outs of a show or event from another blogger or influencer, there’s no incentive to keep up with your take, so stay on top of posting! Show the getting ready process in the morning, inside the shows and events, essentials that you packed, things you received at shows, the people you meet — all of it. Make them feel like they’re right there experiencing it with you.


I recognize that this may paint fashion week in a slightly negative light, but it truly is an amazing experience. If you have the chance to go, even if it’s just to one small event, I would highly recommend jumping on it! Not only is it fun and exciting, but it’s such a great chance to meet new people and make incredible connections.

I’m hoping to be back next year, but I have to sit this one out. So for now, I’ll be living vicariously through influencers’ and bloggers’ posts, so please, keep them coming 🙂

Are you headed to New York Fashion Week this season?

How to Get the Perfect Instagram | Part II

Happy Monday! I’ll keep this intro short and sweet today 🙂 Last week I uploaded the first part in a two-part video series where I talk all about how to get the perfect Instagram. In the first part, I talked about photography tips, including how to get the best lighting in any situation and the best tips and tricks for composition. Today, I’m sharing some insider tips on how to get a top-notch Instagram feed. I hope you enjoy!

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The Weekend Edit | September 01

Happy Saturday! I have such a busy weekend ahead, but as usual, I am kicking it off with a nice hot cup of coffee and catching up on the best links from the week. While we’re on the subject of coffee, I picked up Silk’s pumpkin spice-flavored almond milk creamer earlier this week, and it is definitely a 10/10 — I can’t recommend it enough! All I need is a pumpkin-scented candle and I will be 100% in fall mode.

Wherever your weekend takes you, I hope you enjoy it! x

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/ N O W  T R E N D I N G /

01. How to Get the Perfect Instagram | Part I
How to Make Your Pedicures Last Longer
03. Vegan Chinese Food Mukbang

/ S H O P /

01. I’m in love with this color-blocked sweater. It’s perfect for the fall-time!
02. These neutral sneakers are perfect for every athleisure outfit. Definitely adding to cart!
How cute is this peach skirt? It’s currently on sale — you can’t beat that price!

/ R E A D /

01. How to Stop Your Makeup From Melting in the Heat | The Cut
 The $8 Tool That Changed the Way I Shower Forever | Into the Gloss
The Biggest Activewear Trends for Fall | Well+Good
10 Headspace Employees Share Their Favorite Meditations | Headspace
05. Why You Need Hyaluronic Acid for Your Skin | Into the Gloss
06. What Happened to My Body During Reiki? | The Cut

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