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Wow — this blog post has been long-awaited! I have been planning this post with these products for months now, and am so happy to finally see it come to life. I’ve been testing out a whole slew of products, and have the best of the best to share with you today. As anyone with blonde hair knows, it is so, so hard to keep your hair the right shade. I am not someone who likes warm blonde hair on myself, in fact I like there to be no golden tones at all. So, it’s very important for me to stay strict with my routine to keep the color of my hair just how I like it — a cool, vanilla-like shade of blonde.

With that said, it is very important to keep an arsenal of tried-and-true products that work to keep your blonde just the right shade of blonde. So, today I am sharing my absolute favorite hair products for blonde hair, which will all help to keep yours looking beautiful. I hope you enjoy! Without further ado, here is my blonde hair kit (and get ready, because it’s a lengthy one!)…

First thing’s first: shampoo and conditioner. Your blonde hair routine starts right in the shower with these products. I have a few different duos that I swear by. I have been testing them for some time now, and really, really love them all. I like to use purple shampoo a few times a week (not every single time I wash), so that it keeps my hair from getting brassy, but doesn’t get too harsh or make my hair too silvery. And, as I’m sure you guys have heard before, it’s best to not use the same haircare products over and over and over religiously, because eventually your hair will get used to them and they begin to lose their effectiveness. So, it’s perfect that I have a few recommendation for you that you can rotate in and out to keep switching it up on your hair!

The first one that I love is by R+Co. I discovered this brand during my internship at Birchbox a few years ago, and have never looked back since. I have loved every product I’ve tried from them — even the dry shampoo! If you’re a regular reader of my blog you know I’m not a huge fan of any dry shampoos, so that says a lot. The Sunset Blvd shampoo and conditioner is created specifically for blonde hair, with that purple tint that you know and love if you’re a blondie. One thing that sets this duo apart from the rest is that it truly is luminizing. So not only does it combat brassiness, but it also seems to lighten up my hair a bit and bump up the vibrancy — it’s amazing!

shampoo // conditioner

Another one of my favorites is by IGK: their Instafamous Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner. Again, these have a very vibrant purple tone to them, which always makes me trust that they’re going to get the job done, lol! The thing I love the most about these — besides the fact that they get rid of any and all golden and brassy tones like they should — is that they both make my hair very shiny and silky. The shampoo is also really gentle, so I don’t have to worry about it counteracting itself and stripping the dye from your hair.

shampoo // conditioner

The last shampoo and conditioner set I have been using and loving lately is by Oribe, which is probably my all-time favorite haircare brand. I got to try out a lot of their products while I was — yup you guessed it — interning at Birchbox, and I was always impressed by the quality. The Dry Texturizing Spray of theirs will always be a favorite of mine! This shampoo/conditioner set really is the best of both worlds, kind of like a hybrid between the two above. Although I only have a sample size, I have fallen in love quickly! Again, I was impressed with how well it maintains a cool shade of blonde, and, similar to the IGK Instafamous, it keeps my hair feeling silky and soft. I absolutely hate when shampoo leaves my hair feeling dry or brittle, so this is definitely a deal-breaker for me.

shampoo // conditioner

Aside from shampoo and conditioner, I find that having a few good treatments on hand is essential. Because of the bleach we put on our hair regularly, it’s hard to keep blonde hair healthy. (Also, does anyone else find it super frustrating that brown hair always looks nice and shiny, but it’s nearly impossible for blonde hair to get that same glossy look? Case in point.). So I have two favorites that I just can’t live without.

The first one is from the same line from Oribe: the Bright Blonde Radiance & Repair Treatment. This stuff helps with the overall health of my hair, like split ends, brittleness, and the like. It also makes my hair super soft, but doesn’t weigh my hair down. A win-win-win! I use it whenever I feel like I want a little bit of an extra deep conditioning, while also freshening up the blonde.

The last product is by Rita Hazan, and it is the Ultimate Shine Gloss. I use this when I am in-between hair appointments and want to preserve and extend the color a little longer. It makes my roots blend nicer into the rest of my hair, and adds the perfect fresh-from-the-salon gloss to my locks.

radiance & repair // ultimate shine gloss


What are your favorite products for keeping your hair color fresh and vibrant?

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