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With summer’s humidity finally making its way out, it’s that time of year when I break out my blowdryer and round brush and start drying my hair again. In the summer months I find it’s such a waste of time for me — within minutes of stepping outside my hair is back to its wavy (and somewhat frizzy) natural state.

I know from personal experience how long it takes to find the perfect way to blow dry your hair so that you get that just-back-from-Drybar look, but after years of trying different techniques and products, I finally have a routine that I love. So in order to make it a little easier on you, today I’m going to share my exact routine with you…






dryer // round brush // shine serum // texturizing spray

First thing’s first: it’s usually best to start drying your hair when it’s very, very wet, not giving it too much time to air dry by itself. Once it starts drying on its own, you get the natural cowlicks and kinks that your hair has. So, if you start drying it right away before that happens, you have the chance to smooth them all out.

Going along those lines, I like to start at the front with the face-framing pieces, and get those completely dry before anything else. This is for the same reason: I want to smooth out those pieces completely so that I can manipulate them just the way I want.

I take the round brush and hold about 1-inch sections of hair at a time. I hold the hair out taut, then roll the round brush under, starting from the root and going out towards the ends of the hair. I follow with the dryer (with the diffuser nozzle on, always!) from over-head, pointing the nozzle downwards so that the flyaways lie flat. I go over each section a few times — until it is completely dry — then I move on to the next section.

I am totally obsessed with this hair dryer… It makes such a difference! I definitely think investing in a quality one is important. They don’t damage your hair as much, dry your hair faster, and give you a better look with less frizz. An all-around win!

Once the face-framing pieces are done, I rough-dry the the rest until it gets about 50% dry. Then, I apply my oil-based product to keep hair smooth and protect it from the heat. After it’s evenly distributed throughout my hair, I  clip the top half up and go back in with the round brush following the process that I did with the face-framing pieces.

After the bottom half is completely dry, I let down the top half and do the exact same thing. The only section I do differently is towards the back of the head near the crown. So for these sections, I like to take the round brush and dryer and go upwards, which gives a bit more volume.

Once my hair is completely dry and smooth, I like to take a texturizing spray and spritz a little on each side towards the middle of the shaft. Then, I take my hands and fluff up my hair a little, in order to give my hair a little bit of a messier bedhead look. This adds a bit of volume and less of a perfectly blown-out/super sleek look, which I prefer.

And there you have it! That’s how I get my perfect at-home blowout. What are your tips for getting the perfect blowout at home?


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  1. Thanks for the tips! I know I’m always super unsure about how to blow-dry my hair (I usually just don’t do it and then regret it when my hair does all of it’s favourite things – and my least favourite) and crave that salon look! I can’t wait to give these tips a try!

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