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YOU GUYS. I am so excited for today’s post I can’t barely wait. Something that was on on my bucket list for so, so long was to go on a doors-off helicopter ride. I always saw pictures of photographers doing them, and I always thought that “one day” I would do it, too. Well “one day” turned out to be just a few days ago, when I decided enough is enough and it was time to book my ride!

A few weeks ago I realized that there’s no point is waiting around, so, right then and there I decided to book my flight and I was so excited, but SO nervous.

Before you keep scrolling, do keep in mind that this was my first time ever shooting from a helicopter, which is not easy for obvious reasons. So, that being said, my photos did not turn out as great as I would have liked. I have some plans for more helicopter rides this year (Banff National Park, I’ve got my eye on you!), so I used this time around to be like a practice round and play around with what lens I’d like to use, my settings, and everything else. So, I think now that I have one ride under my belt I will be more prepared and do a better job in the future, but I’m still so excited to share these with you! It was such an amazing experience, I couldn’t pass up writing about it.

{brooklyn and manhattan bridges}

{one world trade}

{city views}

{my ride}

Would you ever ride in a doors-off helicopter?

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