How to Make Your Pedicures Last Longer

Although we’re nearing the end of summer (one word: how?), here in Los Angeles, pedicure season is pretty much all year round. Even though I’ve always liked to keep a nice pedicure throughout the year, back home in New York it was definitely more of a focus in the summertime since that’s the only time you wore sandals or any other kind of open-toed shoes, unless you were going on vacation.

With that said, I was thinking of all the tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years on how to make your pedicures last longer, because there’s almost nothing worse than having the perfect pedicure get ruined sooner than expected.

I specifically remember this happening to me on one family vacation when I was young — it was a Disney cruise and we were in the Caribbean. At one of our stops we had gone in the ocean, and when I walked out of the water I noticed I had somehow completely ruined my pedicure while I was in there, chipping the polish on my big toe. Obviously this isn’t the end of the world, but I remember being so disappointed because it was towards the beginning of the trip and I had just gotten them done before we left. I knew I was going to be wearing sandals the rest of the trip, but I hated the way they looked with my chipped polish.

Anyways, the point is, I really hate when a good pedicure doesn’t last long, so today I wanted to share some of my tips on how to make your pedicures last longer, including some of my favorite products. I hope you enjoy!

  1. Keep your top coat in tip-top shape. I once had a pedicurist tell me to touch up my top coat once a week to keep my pedicure looking its best, and I’ve never looked back since. Not only does this keep your nail polish looking as nice and shiny as when you first got them done (or did them yourself), but it also keeps them from chipping since it keeps the protective barrier fresh. You can find my favorite top coat here.
  2. Care for your cuticles. This is something that I think can be overlooked so easily, but it helps so much. Apply a cuticle oil every few days to keep them moisturized and fresh, so your polish doesn’t chip from the base of your nail. When your cuticles are dry, your polish is more prone to chip from that area.
  3. Have a polish on hand. When I get my nails done, I like to either bring my own polish, choose one that I know I have a similar color to, or simply take note of the name of the polish and buy it next time I’m out and about. Whatever the case may be, I would recommend having a polish that you will be able to touch up your pedicure with, just in case you do have a mishap.
  4. Protect your feet. When you’re at home and not particularly showing off your new pedi, I always recommend keeping your feet protected with some nice fuzzy socks or slippers. Since you’re lounging at home, it’s the perfect time to slip into your comfiest pair of socks/slippers, which will protect your perfect pedicure. This also helps keep the rest of your feet soft and smooth, just like they feel post-pedi.
  5. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Keeping your skin moisturized will, of course, make sure your skin stays smooth and soft. After a pedicure, your feet always feel so nice because of the exfoliating and hydrating products and techniques they use. If you continue to moisturize consistently during the following weeks, you’ll be able to maintain that post-pedi feeling. I recommend this and this.


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