• Spooky Purple Cocktail for Fall

    {i took all of these photos on film, and these are all the unedited results! i couldn’t believe how pretty the colors turned out} It’s officially fall, and that is enough for me to celebrate. Last weekend I made these little cocktails and couldn’t get over how cool they turned out (and they tasted amazing, as well). The purple color… READ THE POST

    Spooky Purple Cocktail for Fall
  • Why I Love Infrared Saunas + Why You Should Too

    I’m no stranger to saunas — for years they’ve been my very favorite part of going to the gym or the spa. For whatever reason, I love the feeling of sitting in there and just sweating and meditating. That being said, I recently visited an infrared sauna for the first time, and instantly fell in love. It’s definitely going to… READ THE POST

    Why I Love Infrared Saunas + Why You Should Too
  • At-Home Face Mask for Summer

    Making an at-home beauty treatment is one of my favorite things to do in my free time. I love finding new ingredients to use, researching the benefits and testing them out and finding the perfect combinations. That being said, I recently spent a few days out in the sun, and wanted to create a cooling and soothing face mask to quench… READ THE POST

    At-Home Face Mask for Summer

Spring Wardrobe Refresh | Try-On Haul

A few weeks ago I went through my closet and got rid of most of my clothes. I was in the mood for some spring cleaning, and nothing in my wardrobe seemed to make the cut. After I was done I realized I was going to need to do a bit of shopping if I wanted more than two options…

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Spray Tan Tips + Tricks

I am fully convinced that there is no better feeling than being tan; there is nothing that can change my mind. But as much as I love it, I like to achieve the look with the least amount of damage possible. I’ve never used a tanning bed, and I always lather on the SPF before going outside. This leaves me…

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Joshua Tree Travel Diary

Last weekend I took a little day trip to Joshua Tree, which I have had on my list for quite some time now. It was unlike anywhere I have ever been before, and certainly did not disappoint! For those who aren’t familiar, Joshua Tee is a national park here in Southern California (roughly two and a half hours from LA,…

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The Weekend Edit | February 16

Happy Saturday! I hope you had a great week and have a fun weekend ahead of you. This weekend I am headed on a little day trip to Big Bear, which I am so excited about. I went there once during the fall when I was craving the crisp fall air and colorful leaves, but now that it’s winter I’m…

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Why I Use a Jade Roller + Why You Should Too

About a year ago I noticed jade rollers trending everywhere I looked. As someone who eats up new beauty techniques and also loves the idea of Eastern medicine and healing crystals, I was instantly on-board. The basic idea is that you roll the cold jade stones over your skin, which stems from a centuries-old Chinese beauty tradition. Jade is known…

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The Weekend Edit | February 09

Happy Saturday! Today I’m back at you with another edition of The Weekend Edit, where I share what’s trending on the blog this week, a few things on my current wishlist or some items I’ve recently purchased, and a few interesting reads I found. I hope you enjoy! One thing I like to do every so often is create mood…

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What I Eat in a Day | Easy, Vegan Recipes

One of my most-asked questions — on the blog and in person — is what I eat, especially when someone finds out I’m vegan. Because of this, I wanted to share another What I Eat in a Day video, so you can get a better idea of my day-to-day diet. I cover everything from the best avocado toast toppings to…

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