• Spooky Purple Cocktail for Fall

    {i took all of these photos on film, and these are all the unedited results! i couldn’t believe how pretty the colors turned out} It’s officially fall, and that is enough for me to celebrate. Last weekend I made these little cocktails and couldn’t get over how cool they turned out (and they tasted amazing, as well). The purple color… READ THE POST

    Spooky Purple Cocktail for Fall
  • Why I Love Infrared Saunas + Why You Should Too

    I’m no stranger to saunas — for years they’ve been my very favorite part of going to the gym or the spa. For whatever reason, I love the feeling of sitting in there and just sweating and meditating. That being said, I recently visited an infrared sauna for the first time, and instantly fell in love. It’s definitely going to… READ THE POST

    Why I Love Infrared Saunas + Why You Should Too
  • At-Home Face Mask for Summer

    Making an at-home beauty treatment is one of my favorite things to do in my free time. I love finding new ingredients to use, researching the benefits and testing them out and finding the perfect combinations. That being said, I recently spent a few days out in the sun, and wanted to create a cooling and soothing face mask to quench… READ THE POST

    At-Home Face Mask for Summer

The Weekend Edit | January 05

1/52 — we have made it through the first week 2019! How did you do? Have you given up on any of your resolutions yet? I have been slacking on posting The Weekend Edit lately (/slacking on posting at all!), but would like to be more consistent with them. I always like posting these, as catching up on what I’ve…

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Two Thousand & Nineteen

“there are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” —c.s. lewis Happy New Year! I hope that everybody had a great holiday season, and that you’re ready for a bright new year. 2018 was quite a year, filled with both good and bad moments. I’m definitely ready to leave it behind, take what I learned, and start…

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New Year’s Resolution Templates (free printables!)

I wrote all about my goals for 2019 here, and I also talked a little bit about why I don’t typically call them “resolutions.” (However, for the sake of making things easier and more universal, I’m calling them resolutions in this post, lol). Today, I wanted to share a little template that you can download and print, so that you…

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Fake a Full Night’s Sleep

Happy New Year’s Eve! Do you have fun plans to ring in the new year? Today’s post is perfect for NYE, because I’m sharing a few of my top tips and tricks to fake a full night’s sleep. Feel free to ring in the new year all night long, and wake up the next morning locked and loaded with some…

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The Perfect Holiday Playlist | Get Lit With Me

I am admittedly one of those people who starts listening to Christmas music the day after Halloween. I don’t care that I’m breezing right past Thanksgiving — I’m ready to holiday jams as soon as November starts. Today I’m sharing some of my favorites, not including any of the classics that we all know and love. I hope that this…

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Fall/Winter Try-On Haul

One type of video I never really get to make is try-on hauls. I really don’t shop all that much, and when I do it’s not usually a lot of things at once. I pick up one or two items here and there, so I never really have enough to make a try-on haul. I recently picked up a few…

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A Los Angeles Fall

When I came to LA last year, I shared a lot of my favorite places to eat, play, shop, and stay in this travel diary. Now that I’ve lived here for a little bit and have spent an entire fall season here, I wanted to share an updated travel diary, but themed for fall. This will be perfect if you…

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