The Beach in a Bottle


After my beach vacation last week, I found myself trying to recreate that post-beach feeling with beauty products. I absolutely love getting back from the beach and showering in the outdoor shower, using just a few key products to freshen up and then being left feeling refreshed, clean, and warm. So, over the past few days I have been scouring through my beauty cabinets to try and find the best products to replicate the glowing and bronzy skin, sea salt-soaked beachy waves, and scent of remnant sun-tan lotion. After a little bit of searching, I think I have finally found a few products that almost capture the beach in a bottle…






beach perfume // sheet mask // facial mist // in-shower tanning lotion // sea salt spray

If you are someone who loves the smell of sun-tan lotion and the beach, then you absolutely need this perfume. I had been wanting to try it for quite some time and finally bought it a few months ago; now I will never NOT use this for the summertime — I’m obsessed! It smells like the beach but not in a tacky or overly-coconutty way. It somehow still smells high-end and luxurious — like how I would imagine summer in the French Riviera.

Okay, this sheet mask is everything! It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and radiant, giving your complexion a natural glow. This formula is specifically designed to be used after the sun, and it even has soothing aloe vera in the serum — it doesn’t get better than that! Using this gives your face that bright and radiant look that it naturally has after a day spent in the sun. This facial mist is the perfect companion… It’s perfectly refreshing and cooling, making your skin feel awake and renewed.

To extend that sunkissed glow, I like to use this in-shower tanning lotion. It’s a gradual self-tanner, but I find it to be most effective when I’m using it to enhance a natural tan in the summertime. You apply this in the shower and then leave it on for a few minutes while it works its magic. Then, you slowly develop a tan over a couple of uses. This is perfect to extend your beachy tan, and keeps it from fading as quickly.

Lastly, the coveted beachy waves. There is nothing better than good old sea salt from the ocean and air at the beach, but this spray is most definitely runner-up. Spritz this in dry hair and give it a good scrunch and twirl, and you will be left with that piece-y and texturized look that Mother Nature gives. I use it on my air-dried hair alone, or after giving my hair a few little waves with my curling wand.


So there you have it: the beach in a bottle. What are your favorite summer beauty products?



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    • Thanks so much, Crystal! So happy you liked the post. Let me know if you try the perfume — I think you’ll love it! xx

    • OMG — yes! I had never used these sheet masks until recently and I so wish I had tried them sooner! Love them. Thanks for reading, Rachel! xx

    • It’s so great! You should definitely gift it a try next time you stop into Sephora. Thank you for reading!! xx

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