The Best Vegan Cookbooks

When I first went vegan, I struggled to find as many good recipes as I would have hoped for. It truly was a different time just a few years ago, where the only food associated with veganism was lettuce. I vividly remember going to the bookstore often to scope out the vegan cookbook section, and I would flip through them only to find recipes for salads and smoothies β€” that was essentially it. Every time I would stop in, I’d hope that a new one would be released and I’d find something interesting, but every time I was left disappointed.

Thankfully veganism has gotten much, much more popular since then, so there a lot more options out there. By now, I have a fully-stocked cookbook collection in my kitchen, filled with tons of delicious recipes β€” I have options ranging from Italian pastas to pad Thai (my favorite) to Buffalo wings and everything in between. That being said, now that there are more amazing options out there, there are also some misses. So, today I wanted to share what I think are the best vegan cookbooks on the market right now. I use all of these frequently, which you’ll see on my Instagram stories if you follow along there πŸ™‚ I’m confident that whether you’re vegan or not, you’ll find some new favorite meals in these books. I hope you enjoy!

{raw blueberry cheesecake from the vegan zombie}

  1. Thug Kitchen. This was probably my first favorite vegan cookbook. I’ve had it for years, and everyone in my family loves it and uses it. The writing in it is hilarious, as you can probably tell by the name. They have everything from cornmeal waffles with strawberry syrup to pumpkin chili and carrot cake cookies.
  2. Chloe Flavor. This is the most recent addition to my collection, and I seriously love it already. ByChloe is one of my very favorite vegan restaurants β€” I used to go there religiously when I lived in NYC. My coworkers even brought me there on my birthday when I worked at my full-time job πŸ™‚ This cookbook is by that same Chloe, and is has delicious meals like no-huevos rancheros and bacon-lover’s BLT.
  3. The Vegan Zombie. This is another one of my favorites that I reach for often. If you know me then you know pad Thai is one of my very favorite meals, and this is where I get that recipe! It’s to-die for.
  4. Vegan Comfort Classics. If you watch a lot of YouTube, you may be familiar with Lauren Toyota from Hot For Food. She puts up weekly recipes with vegan comfort foods, and they make my mouth water every single time. I recently purchased her cookbook for my mom when I was home over the holidays, and we immediately made a few of the recipes from there.


So there you have it β€” those are (in my opinion) the best vegan cookbooks. I hope you enjoyed!

What is your favorite cookbook?

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